How to Speed Up the Process of Your immigration Application?

It can be an exciting plan to make the United States your permanent home. However, a lot of people don’t correctly assess the long process of immigration as you plan your move. Immigrants that finished their journey successfully have realized that the process could take up to 2 years to finish. This can be a long time to wait, and perhaps you’ll be speculating whether there’s anything that you can do to expedite the entire process. Once you try following the time-saving tips below, such as the hidden gems similar to medical exams or immigration physicals, you can help speed it all up.  

Take your immigration medical exams at a walk-in clinic  

One of the major parts of the immigration process includes the medical exams, which can be intimidating and scary to take. Once you have your immigration physicals done at a walk-in clinic, you can finish the needed requirements in one place without worrying about arriving on time to a booked appointment. This includes everything from sealing your I-693 form and testing to vaccinations to submit to US Citizenship and Immigration Services.  

Make sure to visit a walk-in medical center where you can get your physical exams finished efficiently so that you can take the following step in your immigration process. Visit one of the many clinics near you and see one of their licensed physicians who can help you complete this today.  

Ace your naturalization interview 

As a portion of the immigration process, you’ll need to meet with a US Citizenship and Immigration Services who do an interview with you. First of all, never miss this interview and be on time. Otherwise, rescheduling can take many months to be approved, causing you to be delayed from moving forward in the process. In these interviews, you’ll need to finish and nail your civics and English exam. If you get ready for this test, you can prevent the need to retake it, which commonly adds on another 2-3 months. 

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Know when to ask for expedited processing 

When the USCIS finds that there’s a real emergency going on about your move, it will take requests to expedite the processing. For example, those people who have a scheduled surgery during their processing time can ask for their processing to be accelerated. Though this can truly help make everything fast, it can be challenging to have this request approved.  

Employ an immigration lawyer 

When it comes to establishing your citizenship in a new country, there is much-involved paperwork that you need to fill up and complete. However, if you have an expert abogado de inmigracion en Orlando to help you, all of the necessary paperwork will be filled out correctly and efficiently. By doing this, you can avoid delays that typically occur once paperwork needs to be resubmitted and filled out once more. Plus, they will guide you all throughout the process from start to finish to make sure that you’ll get what you wanted in the first place.